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IMPORTLISTER was created to provide auction services specialising in Japanese Import Vehicles, related parts and accessories.  

We are actively seeking new relationships with Import Related Forums, clubs and interest groups who would like to take advantage of our services.

We focus on providing these services to people in Australia (inc Christmas Island), New Zealand, the UK and Ireland.

If you have any questions regarding IMPORTLISTER or you want to know how we can integrate into your website then please don't hesitate to contact us at


Happy bidding from the



All Basic Listings are FREE! You only pay for OPTIONAL advanced features such as the ones listed in the table below. Therefore it is easily possible to list your items (including FREE picture uploads and hosting) without paying a single cent.

If you optionally want to add some extra visibility to your basic listings then you can do so by adding the following fee based options to your listings.

Highlighted Items Fee AU$ 1
Bold Items Fee AU$ 1
Category Featured Items Fee AU$ 2
Home Page Featured Items Fee AU$ 4
NOTE: A GST rate of 10.00% will be applied to the fees above

1 (Q) Are there any fees to list on this site?
(A) IMPORTLISTER has NO fees for all basic listings! This means you can list and upload item pictures all for free all the way through to the completion of your sale! There are no fees for these basic listings! Fees only apply if you choose advanced listing features ssuch as bold, highlight, featured etc, otherwise you can list absolutely FREE! Enjoy. :o)
1 (Q) Why did I get a credit when I joined if auctions are for free?
(A) You can use the credit that you received when joining on advanced features such as bold, highlight, featured etc as these advanced features do attract a fee. By using your sign-up credit you get to use some of these advanced features for free to the value of your credit!
1 (Q) How do I register?
(A) To register click on the "register" link found on both the header and footer navigation sections
1 (Q) I'm under 18 and can't signup?
(A) In accordance with Australian law under 18's cannot participate in auctions as they legal binding contracts
1 (Q) How can I list an item?
(A) You must first be a registered member.  Once you have registered simply login to your account and click on the "Sell" link.  The first thing to do is select a general category for your item, note that you can choose a more specific category further into the listing process.  You can then enter in your chosen settings and item description through to the completion and posting of your listing.
1 (Q) How can I keep track of items I'm selling?
(A) You can keep an eye on everything you are selling by visiting your 'MY IMPORTLISTER' members area and selecting
the "selling" page.
1 (Q) Can I use HTML when listing an item?
(A) Yes you can, however we recomend you use basic tags as complex HTML descriptions may not display correctly.
How to Bid
1 (Q) How can I place a bid?
(A) To place a bid on an item you must first login to your account.  Once logged in a bidding box will be displayed at bottom of all auction pages.  You can use this box to place your chosen bid
1 (Q) How can I keep track of items I'm bidding on?
(A) You can keep an eye on everything you are bidding on by visiting your 'MY IMPORTLISTER' members area and selecting the "bidding" page.
1 (Q) How do I know if I am outbid on an item?
(A) Our auction system will automatically notify you via email if you are outbid.
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